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Single copy sale for Internet orders:

$59 retail
$39 educational
$35 download only

Educational prices apply to any child, school employee or school.


We're encouraging our satisfied customers to help spread the word about Canvastic.

Incentive #1

Teachers who either received a free single license by attending a Canvastic seminar, participating in a special promotion, or by purchase qualify for a full discount ($39) if their school buys a 35 lab license or building site license. There are only 2 requirements:

  1. They must give the single license to a colleague at another school which does not currently own any Canvastic licenses.
  2. The colleague must contact us by phone and register their gift personally.

Incentive #2

Districts that buy a site license of 15 school licenses qualify for one of these choices:

  1. A full day of training for up to 16 participants (training can be arranged as 2 half day or 1 full day)
  2. 10% off

Please Note: Districts that wish to buy less than 15 licenses may still qualify for a discount. Contact us for details.

Schools can have a custom bid on a specific number of seats, labs, or buildings if the above prices/configurations above do not make sense for their situations.


Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding these incentives. Note: incentives are only valid for direct sales from Canvastic LLC and do not apply to sales through third party vendors.