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Templates, Backgrounds, Lesson Plans, and Clip-Art

Although Canvastic is all about the student being the author, the artist, the designer, and the presenter of his/her own content we recognize that there are appropriate times for the creative process to be enhanced, started up, and amended by graphics and text which has been created previously. So, while the basic beginning to a Canvastic session is a blank canvas, templates, backgrounds, and clip-art are provided. Lesson plans showing new teachers how to integrate the publishing process into the educational standards are also available.



There are over 250 templates included with Canvastic. They are located in the Templates folder within the Canvastic folder. You can access them easily from the File Menu > Open Template... command.

The categories are shown here:

Some Examples:

The book publishing pages are complete sets of graphically coordinated pages to aid in the publishing of books for intermediate and middle school students. They come complete with Title pages, Tables of Contents, Authors Pages etc. Some basic yearboo templates are included. The Booklets are fold-and-cut books for primary students.

There are blank calendars, newsletters and writing organizers of all types.

There are math and science grids, counting activities, diagrams and tools like protractors.

The Language category has the alphabet, bookmarks, and other publishing pages.

GeoDraw USA ©, is a full geography lesson for each state that has the student research information and add it to a map complete with labels, keys, and color.

Here's the complete list:




Besides templates any Canvastic document can have a background layer. There are 3 layers in a document; object, paint, and background. See this help page for more info:

The background is normally just white but can be a color or a graphic. You choose by selecting the Format Menu > Background... command. If you choose picture you'll be automatically taken to the Backgrounds folder. There are over 200 backgrounds.

There are maps, grids, photos, numbers, letters and organizers. Many are activities unto themselves.

Here is the complete list:


Clip Art

A basic set of clip art is easily accessed including arrows, pictures, math symbols and shapes.Canvastic's graphics that support the curriculum have been enhanced. For example the new Speckles clip art allow students to add color without wasting printer ink. For primary students, there is a representative picture for every letter of the alphabet in English and Spanish.

example of speckles clip art

A "speckled" sky.


cow clip art

C is for Cow and V is for Vaca.

Multiple Folders in Clip Art: You can organize clip art into folders for easy organization. Clip art is stored in the Art folder within the Canvastic folder. To add your graphics to the program just add folders containing the art to the Art folder and restart Canvastic.



Lesson Plans

Canvastic's web site holds lesson plans to get started with Canvastic. See:

There are Language, Math, Science, and Social Studies lessons including an introduction to Canvastic and a complete scope and sequence for technology integration in the elementary grades.