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Version 3.5 is a free upgrade for all paid registered users.

Non-paid registered users qualify for a 10 - 50% discount! See the pricing page.

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What's New in Version 3.5?

New Features

The Audio Tool

The new Audio Tool adds a lot of new opportunities. Students can do live recording so easily. Just click, record the sound and click OK.

The sound becomes an object on the canvas that will play with a double-click or automatically in a slideshow.

Songs from iTunes can also be added. Other downloaded audio can be inserted just like images. It all creates a more rich multi-media experience but with Canvastic's signature ease of use.

Songs from iTunes


Universal Binary

Version 3.5 runs natively on Macintosh PPC and Intel computers including Leopard!

Version 3.5 runs natively on Windows computers from W2K including Vista.


Smart Spell Check

spell check dialog box

Canvastic's new spell checking feature is better than any other for our students. First, you can make it available or not depending upon who is using the program. Second when writing or editing the entry box takes over most of the screen helping the students focus on the task. The words found by the spell checker are shown in full context. Finally, the Learn button can be turned off! No more corrupted dictionaries!

Transparency and Tone Control

transparency example

Every color can be adjusted using transparency sliders for some fantastic art effects. The sliders are easy to use and adjust the line, the fill and the text colors.


Sensible Brush Shape Choices

The paint brush now has four shapes to make graphics more detailed. As usual the choices are limited to an appropriate level to keep students on task and selection is intuitive, just click the shape next to the line size choice.

brush shapesbrush shapes in the choices palette


Eyedropper Tool

The new Eyedropper tool allows students to add colors to the Colors palette with a click. Very useful for customizing colors with photographs.

eyedropper tool example


Open Folder... Command

Why can't you open all the documents from a project all at once? You can in Canvastic! File Menu . Open Folder... and your project is on-screen.

open folder command


Insert Photographs and They Automatically Scale Themselves

Digital photos are everywhere and often hard to manage in other applications. Now when you insert a photo it will shrink to fit your Canvastic document automatically. Use the Open Folder... command on a folder of photos and they will all be opened and inserted into Canvastic documents.

scaled photo


New Templates, Backgrounds, and Clip Art

Canvastic's graphics that support the curriculum have been enhanced. For example the new Speckles clip art allow students to add color without wasting printer ink. For primary students, there is a representative picture for every letter of the alphabet in English and Spanish.

example of speckles clip art

A "speckled" sky.


cow clip art

C is for Cow and V is for Vaca.


Update Notes


  • Minor text display issue resolved.
  • Pilot program registration enabled.
  • Now works better with Mac limited users


  • Audio Tool and inserted sounds feature added
  • CTRL Q quits in Windows
  • Graphics tools work faster
  • Minor bugs squashed