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This is the current issue of the Canvastic Community Newsletter. This publication helps support the use of the popular publishing software product, Canvastic. Registered users are automatically subscribed to the newsletter but anyone can sign up at

Issues contain lesson plans or activities, tips, news and useful Internet links. Your participation is encouraged. Please send ideas for inclusion to


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Sell Canvastic to your students and make $$ for your school. See the news items on the right.

Pilot Canvastic for 2 months. Have everyone test it. Park City Schools in Utah did, they bought it for every elementary school as did Steamboat Springs, CO. See for details.

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The new on line version of Canvastic is ready. Try it!

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Canvastic's Prices have been adjusted

The 5 pack and the 10 pack prices have gone down and there are some excellent sales at some of the educational software resellers' websites. See


Canvastic Dot Net is becoming a really popular choice!

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  • Canvastic DOT NET is on line and ready to use with your primary students
  • It is very simple; nothing to install, you barely have to teach it at all!
  • Just visit CANVASTIC.NET

CANVASTIC.NET is a really simple, fun version of Canvastic that runs on the Internet. There is nothing to install. You just go to the web page and start drawing and writing. It will work for Windows, Mac and Linux.

This version was designed for Pre-K to 2nd grade but you might be drawn into the new Replay feature as well. It "replays" your brush strokes like a movie. Our crack team of testers (Mtn. View Elementary's 2nd grade) had a seed growing into a tree with leaves in just a few minutes. They loved it and the computer lab teacher had visions of primary sequential activities dancing in his head.

The most simple version of Canvastic.NET is completely free for now. It prints and saves and makes simple primary publishing a breeze.

The full version has more tools and is available as an affordable subscription. See the pricing page:
You can try it for a few minutes here:

Try it now:


Fund Raising Opportunities

Sell Canvastic to your students

Make some cash for your technology needs this year. You can offer Canvastic to your students to use at home for a discount and raise funds for your school at the same time. Call us for details at 877-579-8207. It is easy and you can raise $10 for each copy of Canvastic that your students buy. All you have to do is take orders and distribute the CDs! We do everything else.


Pilot Canvastic with Everyone

Now any school or class can try Canvastic with students with no cost. You can install Canvastic on as many computers and in as many locations as you wish. Most people are picking a school and/or lab to simplify things but you can configure your pilot any way you wish. It takes a few minutes to setup on the phone. We get all the contact and installation details and have a short lesson on installing it correctly then your registration code arrives via email. It will be valid for 60 days. You can decide when it starts. Call us toll free at 877.579.8207

30 day subscriptions to Dot NET are also available.


Canvastic's On-line Community

We know that technology integration specialists like you have no time to waste. With that in mind we are hosting and updating an easy-to-find on-line resource that will help you make the most of using Canvastic with your students. You will find lessons, templates and more.

Send us your templates and examples to share with everyone.

Check it out!


Canvastic Grants for Large Districts Continue

Canvastic is still granting huge free licenses to districts that can help spread the word on our software. See the details in the press release: here.


This time the tip is about getting better informed about Educational Technology.

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Lesson Plan

Title: Publishing Podcasts to YouTube


As we described in a previous newsletter (December 2008 -, you can create graphic rich podcasts with Canvastic Version 3.5. Now with Apple's update to QuickTime Player you can easily share them with the world via YouTube.


  • After creating the podcast.
  • Open the movie file in the new QuickTime Player.
  • Then choose YouTube... from the Share Menu.
  • Follow the prompts, you must have a YouTube login already.
  • QuickTime and YouTube do the rest. At the end you are given the URL like this one:
  • Note this integration is only on the newest Mac OS systems. Windows updates to QuickTime should include this soon. Until then, just login to YouTube and upload the movies directly.


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