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Noticed recently on a popular educational technology mailing list:
"Is anyone using anything for drawing with K-5 that is working right!? We have given up on KxxPxx but we need an alternative. Is there anything out there?"

We suggested Canvastic, of course. ;-)


“I use Canvastic with my Special Needs students. Programs such as Photoshop are really great but too confusing for beginners. I like being able to turn off features and introduce a few elements at a time. My Special Needs students are always so proud of their work and feel like they can do some of the same things their classmates are doing. They actually learn some useful skills that can later be applied to other programs.”

Kylee Rudkin
Kepley Middle School
Ulysses, KS


Canvastic! is the one of the best new education tools I have seen. It is a well-designed program with practical accessories so students have the capability to create their own projects at their own level. The ability to customize the toolbar, edit text and add graphics make this program a powerful learning tool. As an added benefit, it works with any platform.

Michelle Even
Antelope Trails Elementary
Colorado Springs, CO


“My class of fifth grade students used Canvastic for the first time in November of '04. Within minutes they were engaged and excited. They began producing quality work very quickly. Furthermore, they soon began to see cross-curriculum applications for Canvastic. Some used it to illustrate math concepts. Others used it for social studies and science illustrations. The ease of use and immediate success makes Canvastic a must for young learners.”

Russ Skillings
Fifth Grade Teacher
Mountain View Elementary School
Broomfield, CO


I like Canvastic because of its flexibility. It can be used by students of varying abilities.

Tech Resource Specialist
Private K-8 School
Los Angeles, CA


Amazing drawings were done by my 5th graders that could easily be imported into other applications. Best of all I didn't have to listen to “the bomb”. A new page is exactly that a new page---just like a drawing pad. A tool not a plaything.

Sandy Bennett
Mountain View Elementary
Broomfield, CO