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Contact: Steve Gandy

‘Canvastic’ Version 2.0 Ships
Finally, A Tool Not A Toy!


Lafayette, CO November 1, 2005 – Canvastic LLC announces the update of their product, Canvastic, an integrated writing, graphics and publishing tool for students in grades K-8 to version 2.0. Developed by a former classroom teacher and computer coordinator, Canvastic was specifically designed with classroom use in mind and provides the right mix of fun and productivity. The program allows students to publish in multiple formats from beginning readers to quality research reports and presentations.

Canvastic is a student and teacher focused software tool that can be customized for students’ age and ability level. The interface is clean and clear with customized sets of options for graphic and text use. It grows with the user and is now even easier to customize.

Using Canvastic, students and teachers can write, graphically show and present information in many different ways. Tools allow for the creation of maps, diagrams, and graphs, as well as importing of pictures and text. The software provides the easy integration of technology skills into any curriculum.

Version 2.0 continues and expands on the concept that software tools our students use to publish should be flexible. Teachers can customize their students’ work environments even further than before. Over 40 new features, refinements and fixes are included in this release. New features include:

  • New word processing tool that makes it even easier to integrate passages of text with student created graphics.
  • New options for presentations
  • New template files feature
  • New easier school and lab administration features

This is a free upgrade for all registered users. Canvastic runs natively on PC and Macintosh computers. It is purchased and downloaded from the web site Pricing starts at $59 for a single user license. Significant volume discounts are available.

About Canvastic LLC
Canvastic LLC is the coming together of two companies to develop and market the software Canvastic. FlatTop Technology, Inc. ( builds custom software applications for businesses in a wide variety of industries and was the lead technical developer of the Canvastic software. TeachTech Inc. ( is a consulting firm founded by Steve Gandy that specializes in school and small office training and support. Full product information is available at: