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Canvastic for iPad Help and Support

Canvastic for the iPad is really intuitive for kids to use but these help diagrams and instructions might help you get started.

Here's what the main screen looks like.

3 Dot Tool Set Diagram

Less or More: You can choose more tools and choices for advanced publishing or less. Less is better for very young users.


Tools: Paint Brush, Eraser, Straight Line, Rectangle, Oval, and Text. Text boxes can be moved and changed after putting away the keyboard.


Colors: Click the color you want to use.


Sizes: Click the size of brush you want to use.


Info: Find this help page.


New, Open, Save to Library, Trash:


The Plus Plus Icon gives you a new canvas and puts your present drawing in the Gallery Gallery Icon.


The Gallery Gallery Icon lets you open drawings you have stored there. Gallery Icon


You can also delete them. Touch Delete and touch the red X Gallery Delete Display. When you open a drawing from the Gallery the paint strokes replay as you drew them.


The Folder Folder Icon saves your drawing to the iPad's Photo Library. You can make albums and present slideshows, send to friends and share in other ways.


The Trash Trash Icon throws your drawing away and gives you a new canvas.


Text Boxes are easy to use. Just touch or drag to place them. Type, then close the keyboard. Then you can move Move Text Box Icon, re-size Resize Text Box Icon, type more into Type More Text Box Iconor delete Delete Text Box Icon the box with the buttons on the corners.


The easier set of tools and options looks like this.

One Dot Toolset Diagram

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